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Is This You?

  •  Are you about to be involved with care issues or other decisions for your elderly or aging parents?
  • Do your parents still treat you like their child or your relationship has always been somewhat strained?
  • Like so many other Boomers or Adult Children in this life stage, are you clueless and overwhelmed about where to go for help or lack answers to your never ending questions?
  • Are your elderly parents telling you: “they are fine and do NOT need any help” but it is obvious they are NOT fine?
  • Did you just receive that totally unexpected, out of the blue, “CALL” from some authority (doctor, police officer, emergency operator) advising you of the immediate help your aging elderly parent needs?

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Adult Children Coaching

Just as an athlete looks to his or her coach for guidance, help and continual redirection, I can help you move past silence, fear, dread and confusion related to Elderly Parent Care issues.

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Geriatric Care Mgmt Services

Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out what care options are best for your Elderly Parent? I’m prepared to help you find answers, options, and most importantly a solution.

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